Urban Politics

Urban politics is all about how cities work and what can be done to improve their functioning. The quality of life for city dwellers directly depends on economic and social welfare in cities. The operation of cities depends on their political and administrative position. American cities have significant control over their policy-making, but the impact of the federal laws is undeniable. Mandates issued by federal law set the direction for municipal policy and control local fiscal resources. Sometimes governmental finance is not sufficient and cities have to regulate their spending to meet federal guidelines.
The form of government is another feature that determines how well cities function. In many American cities, the model of city government resembles that of the state government. It has the mayor and the city council. In the 19th century, cities had political party machines. They recruited candidates, supported elections, and mobilized voters. At the beginning of the 20th century, corrupt practices of political machines evoked protests of activists and government reformers. They facilitated the creation of the National Municipal League that generated ideas for altering the city government.
The strong mayor council is the oldest form of city government. It is characteristic to old, large, or economically-advanced cities. The strong mayor model has a concentrated power with a central figure. The mayor, however, is a politician who may hold their personal interests higher than the interests of their city. Another model of city management is the council manager form. It has no mayor, only the city manager appointed by the council. He is a professional administrator who works effectively, saves dollars, and stands out of corruption. On the other hand, the city manager is not accountable to the public. Recently, many cities added a chief administrative officer to their mayor’s staff thus they create a hybrid version of mayor council chief administrative officer government.

Founding of the American Political System

The American political system was influenced by many factors outside the US. The British legal system was the first one. Though the American democracy is nothing like the British monarchy that still remains such, the US Constitution borrowed some principles from the Great Charter (1215) and the Petition of Rights (1628). The English Bill of Rights signed in 1689 also gave the US Constitution several more provisions. Besides legal documents, writings of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau changed the political experience of the two countries. These natural rights philosophers promoted the rights to liberty and property among other essentials that became crucial to the American Constitution. Liberal Arts and the age of Enlightenment formed the personalities of founders of the American nation. Ideas of Francis Bacon and other intellectuals had their imprint on the American legislation. The political philosophy of ancient Roman and Greek thinkers also impacted the worldview of the fathers of the US Constitution.
Constitution of the US is now the oldest functioning constitution in the world. Now scholars pay considerable attention to political preconditions and motives that drove founders to conclude this document. Some of them think that the founders were driven by self-interest, the others believe that democratic principles lie the basis of the Constitution. Charles A. Beard’s influential theory suggests that the delegates at the Constitutional convention gathered for purely economic reasons. The researcher argues that political elites aimed to protect their investments in the first place. Al of the delegates appeared to have an economic interest in creating a new constitution. Beard’s point of view, however, is criticized as the motives to the creation of the US Constitution were numerous.

Socialism in the Developing World

As a cure for capitalism, socialism was popular in many European countries. The system granted ownership of production to the public and created a strong social welfare system for those who did not own any capital. Marginalized imperial or colonial countries developed a weak form of capitalism, however, they had their own interest in adopting socialism. First, socialism could provide a steady economic growth that would help developing economies to survive on their own. Second, socialism offered the freedom from exploitation that was the primary need of the third world countries. Eventually, the efforts of the Soviet Union to influence the developing world led to the development of socialism there.
Though developing countries viewed socialism positively, there were a few limits to its transition. The first problem was the characteristics of the international system. The dominance of capitalism excluded socialist countries from participation in global trade, finance, and investment. Therefore, the socialist developing world could hardly advance economically. The second problem was that peripheral economies heavily depended on developed countries. It was difficult for developing countries to squeeze their traditional culture shaped by Western lifestyle into a socialist worldview. And last, the third world countries lacked practical socialist theory to make a transition. Marxism, Leninism, or Maoism did not fit to other developing countries, which limited the spread of socialism.
Besides the Soviet Union and China, Cuba, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, and North Korea all succeeded at adopting socialism in the 20th century. In a while, most socialist regimes collapsed. However, scholars do not suppose that the failure of socialism in those countries will put an end to the movement at large. Some countries may prefer public benefits and extensive social welfare to the power of capital.

An essay on best mum

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When asked who my best friend is, the answer to that question will be without doubt that it is my mother is also to me the best mother that one could ever ask for and the best mother that one could ever have. One of the major personalities that my mother has that makes me feel like she is the best mum I could ever have is her generosity and her considerate manner. I remember that when I was still young, my mum always insisted that my siblings and I be considerate of others and upon spotting anyone in need of our help, never fail to give a helping hand. These are the very same qualities that she possesses because countless are the times when she has helped out another person, including even strangers, and she always appears to put the needs of others before her very own needs. Every single day, my mother exhibits qualities that illustrate just how considerate she is but one incidence about her being considerate that still lingers in my mind took place a few years ago on one cold evening after got stranded on the highway after experiencing problems with the car.
The weather was chilly and I remember mum taking off her scuff and put it around my neck. Through that simple act, my mother illustrated just how much more she cared for me that she scarified staying warm for me. My mother is also the very first teacher I had and a lot of things in life, especially about life values and the direction that I should take in life came from my mother. My mother tells me that the first word I ever mentioned was “mum” and this does not surprise me because it just goes to show just how much I appreciated all that she did for me even at that young age. My mum also used to read to me lots of bedtime stories when I was young and some of those fairy tale stories, especially about relating to others, greatly shaped the individual that I have turned out to be today. Even during those instances when I behaved in a naughty way, my mother would still be patient with me and gently tell me to correct my errant ways.

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Rebound essays

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Sample tribute to graduate

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Simon Birch essay

Authors write with different intentions. Some to pass a message across while others to entertain or even educate. Movies take the same course as novels. The movie Simon Birch was written with a lot of symbolism. The overriding issue was faith. Different scenarios in the movie depict or rather reveal absence of faith or possession of it. Simon Birch was born with an abnormality and the doctors were not even sure that he will survive. But Simon had faith in himself and he believed that he is how he is because of a reason. He believed that God had great plans for him. At first the towns’ people did not like him, as they thought he was a hopeless creature.
Simon birch essay is supposed to tackle the intrigues that Simon went through to accomplish what he had in mind. Simon’s friends and even other people in the town were hapless and little of faith. Their constancy to derailing Simon from what he believed in did not derail him from what he believed in.

the movie clearly reveals to those of little faith that much of life’s fulfillments depend on faith. Simon Birch proves that in deed he can be a hero as he believed God gave him the chance to live for just that.
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Against child labour essay

Despite the fact that all people are equal nowadays, children in some regions of the world are still forced to work hard. It is a really sad fact as it is not supposed to be so. Children from all over the planet deserve to have a proper childhood. They are supposed to play with other kids and do things that are appropriate for their age. Children are too young to work. Another point to consider is the fact that the existence of child labour is a huge step back in our development. We are supposed to be free, independent and tolerant while forcing children to labour minimizes all that extremely. How can we be called human beings if we allow such things to happen? That’s not fare and that’s not how it should be. We should take action in order to put an end to child labour and prevent it in future.
You can make a contribution even by writing an against child labour essay in which you’ll explain your point of view on this issue and provide some ideas on how it can be stopped.

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