Urban Politics

Urban politics is all about how cities work and what can be done to improve their functioning. The quality of life for city dwellers directly depends on economic and social welfare in cities. The operation of cities depends on their political and administrative position. American cities have significant control over their policy-making, but the impact of the federal laws is… (more…)

Founding of the American Political System

The American political system was influenced by many factors outside the US. The British legal system was the first one. Though the American democracy is nothing like the British monarchy that still remains such, the US Constitution borrowed some principles from the Great Charter (1215) and the Petition of Rights (1628). The English Bill of Rights signed in 1689 also… (more…)

Socialism in the Developing World

As a cure for capitalism, socialism was popular in many European countries. The system granted ownership of production to the public and created a strong social welfare system for those who did not own any capital. Marginalized imperial or colonial countries developed a weak form of capitalism, however, they had their own interest in adopting socialism. First, socialism could provide… (more…)

Revisionism and Social Democracy

Dramatic changes in the European community did not end with the liberalism of Enlightenment. The advent of capitalism left workers without protections granted by traditional communities. The promise of progress and prosperity did not refer to wage laborers who faced low wages and poor working conditions. After The Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels had been issued, almost every European… (more…)

Modern Democratic Thought

Democracy remains to be the key concern of political scientists. For the past 50 years, they developed a range of theories that make up our present-day understanding of the democratic order. Among the most prominent theories of democracy, we have pluralist, participatory, liberal minimalist, deliberative, and agonistic theories. The most popular and timely direction in the political thought, democracy touches upon politics,… (more…)

Mascots (Illiniwek) essay sample

  To begin with, a mascot can be any person, animal or an object that is believed to bring luck. It represents a group such as school, society, military unit, professional sports team or a brand name. Costume mascots are quite common. They are usually used as goodwill ambassadors. Speaking about Chief Illiniwek in particular, he was an official mascot… (more…)

How speeding is dangerous essay

We are all aware of the fact that speeding is dangerous. However, we often tend to overlook that aspect when on the road. Being inattentive can lead to some very unsatisfactory consequences. In most cases they are fatal. When dealing with such issue as how speeding is dangerous essay, the first thing you need to do is to dwell upon… (more…)

Example of grand nursing theory

Speaking about grand nursing theories, there are several approaches to the issue in question. So, the first thing you are going to need is an example of grand nursing theory in order to get a clear picture of what you are supposed to dwell upon in your paper. If that is exactly what you have been looking for, do not… (more…)

Classification and division essay topics

Identifying and deciding on a Classification and division essays is the first step towards writing an essay of such nature. Students in general find it difficult to classification and division topic mainly because there are some guidelines and rules towards crafting the topic. First, the topic must be of utmost interest to the writer. Writing classification and division essay, the… (more…)

Systems Engineering for Managers

Systems Engineering Assignment Part A: Casual Loop diagram The stock block diagram shows the relationship between the infection of the population and how it is affected by the various other factors. To begin susceptible population becomes infected when they get into contact with infected people hence their numbers are decreased. At the same time when people get infected the infected… (more…)