Possible research paper topics

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Picasso’s “Woman with a Guitar”

Pablo Picasso is an artist who had vast influence in the twentieth Century. He was a Spanish painter, printmaker, sculptor, stage designer, and ceramist. He created cubism together with George Braque. Cubism is a style of painting that has two phases. These are Analytical and Synthetic. In cubism, subjects have to break apart, and their pieces put back together in… (more…)

Book critique on hunger memories of Richard Rodriguez

Richard Rodriguez is born to a native Mexican family with uneducated background. The parents are illegal immigrants from Mexico. Richard is born in America when the parents arrive and settle there. The first language of communication to him is Spanish because it’s what is spoken to him by his parents and siblings. He starts school in Sacramento in California without… (more…)

Article Reviewed: Absorption costing for decision-making by Mike Lucas.

Summary The article asserts that incorporating some fixed overhead costs within the production costs of individual products would bolster organizational decision making and planning, adding weight to the ABC approach Kaplan and Cooper propositioned. The author notes that conventionally, it does not make sense to include some fixed costs into the unit costs per product. This would result in varying… (more…)