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When asked who my best friend is, the answer to that question will be without doubt that it is my mother is also to me the best mother that one could ever ask for and the best mother that one could ever have. One of the major personalities that my mother has that makes me feel like she is the best mum I could ever have is her generosity and her considerate manner. I remember that when I was still young, my mum always insisted that my siblings and I be considerate of others and upon spotting anyone in need of our help, never fail to give a helping hand. These are the very same qualities that she possesses because countless are the times when she has helped out another person, including even strangers, and she always appears to put the needs of others before her very own needs. Every single day, my mother exhibits qualities that illustrate just how considerate she is but one incidence about her being considerate that still lingers in my mind took place a few years ago on one cold evening after got stranded on the highway after experiencing problems with the car.
The weather was chilly and I remember mum taking off her scuff and put it around my neck. Through that simple act, my mother illustrated just how much more she cared for me that she scarified staying warm for me. My mother is also the very first teacher I had and a lot of things in life, especially about life values and the direction that I should take in life came from my mother. My mother tells me that the first word I ever mentioned was “mum” and this does not surprise me because it just goes to show just how much I appreciated all that she did for me even at that young age. My mum also used to read to me lots of bedtime stories when I was young and some of those fairy tale stories, especially about relating to others, greatly shaped the individual that I have turned out to be today. Even during those instances when I behaved in a naughty way, my mother would still be patient with me and gently tell me to correct my errant ways.

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