Simon Birch essay

Authors write with different intentions. Some to pass a message across while others to entertain or even educate. Movies take the same course as novels. The movie Simon Birch was written with a lot of symbolism. The overriding issue was faith. Different scenarios in the movie depict or rather reveal absence of faith or possession of it. Simon Birch was born with an abnormality and the doctors were not even sure that he will survive. But Simon had faith in himself and he believed that he is how he is because of a reason. He believed that God had great plans for him. At first the towns’ people did not like him, as they thought he was a hopeless creature.
Simon birch essay is supposed to tackle the intrigues that Simon went through to accomplish what he had in mind. Simon’s friends and even other people in the town were hapless and little of faith. Their constancy to derailing Simon from what he believed in did not derail him from what he believed in.

the movie clearly reveals to those of little faith that much of life’s fulfillments depend on faith. Simon Birch proves that in deed he can be a hero as he believed God gave him the chance to live for just that.
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